COUNTERPART Installation and Initial Training

As with any new software, training is a crucial step in a successful deployment. Every business is different and the training needs vary accordingly. Based on the size of your company and the complexity of your installation, we will put together an installation and training plan to ensure that all of your employees are not only comfortable, but confident. On average, Smooth Logics staff will be on site for 2-10 days.

Here's what your installation and initial training includes:

  • COUNTERPART server installation
  • COUNTERPART desktop application installation and configuration
  • On-site training from Smooth Logics staff
  • COUNTERPART Training Manual
  • Ongoing service and support

Smooth Logics is also able to convert and/or migrate data from your existing system. This service is quoted based on the volume and intricacy of the data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We want to answer any questions you have. If you don't see your question below, please e-mail us at: faq image

Q: How is COUNTERPART software licensed?
A: We utilize a licensing server based on a concurrency model. This means that the licenses are shared among all users in your company versus each user needing a separate license.

Q: Is COUNTERPART software easy to learn?
A: Our entire software suite follows conventional Microsoft® software functionality. Our intuitive programs allow users to learn rapidly and be productive right from the start.

Q: How does the version of SOLIDWORKS my company is running affect COUNTERPART?
A: COUNTERPART currently supports SOLIDWORKS versions 2010 and newer.

Q: What database does COUNTERPART utilize?
A: All information is stored locally on your Microsoft SQL® Server. There is no need
to worry about a lapse in internet service, or not having access to your company's data.

Q: How customizable is COUNTERPART?
A: COUNTERPART is designed to adapt to your business structure.

Q: What are your server system requirements?
A: Microsoft SQL Server® 2008R2 with Active Directory®. Minimum 4GB of free RAM, 2GHz dual-core CPU.

Q: What are your desktop system requirements?
A: As a Microsoft Partner, we support all current Microsoft products (Windows® Vista operating system or newer).
System requirements: Minimum 1GB of free RAM, 1GHz single-core CPU.

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